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Company History

  • 2010 - 2011
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2018 - 2019
  • 2020


Marks the beginning our journey as Absolute Business Systems with the founder Gilbert Mwalili return to Africa from Australia. Partnership with Protecht Australia gives birth to ProtechtLtd (Africa).


Risk Africa Ltd is born and separates from Protecht Australia. Protecht Africa is dissolved and Risk Africa Ltd assumes 100% local ownership with Henry Mien joining the CEO.


RiskAfrica.IRPMISsoftware launch in Kenya. Senegal software development is set up in Dakar.


Risk Africa Innovatis Ltd is born with heavy focus on technological solutions. Partnerships with Estonia Government and Companies such as eKool, Reach-U and Opiq to enhance technology capacity.


Market leader in innovative management solutions.

Our Values


We are ready to lead where others follow. We are true to the drive of providing practical solutions to provide decision makers with appropriate tools for ‘close-to-real-time’ intelligence for informed decision making. We make theories become a reality.


Empowering our clients through knowledge transfer, mentorship and having our risk solutions available to everyone through knowledge sharing and leadership. We recognize that with empowered clientele, the tools and solutions we provide become useful.

Risk takers

We embrace risk and promote a risk culture by practicing what we preach. We are fearless and through creative thinking, we deduce opportunities where others see challenges. To us, Risk is a way of life.

Our Lead Team

Gilbert N Mwalili

CA, CPRM, MRiskMgt

Founder/Executive Director

Henry D Mien


Chief Executive Officer

Diouf Mouhamed

CISO, Computer Science