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Technology Solutions

RiskAfrica.IRPMIS© & CountyGo.IRPMIS©

An Integrated Risk and Performance Management software for both public and private sectors. Specialized modules for Project Management, Fraud risk, Information security risk, Performance management and Risk-based Internal Audit.

InetsoftBusiness Intelligence Software

A Business Intelligence with integrated machine learning capability, data mashup further enables human designed dashboards and reports to be mashed up with machine generated intelligence.

eKool School Management System

A school management software that brings together pupils and their families, schools and supervisory bodies for better awareness children's progress while authorities have a good overview of what goes on in schools under their management.

Opiq Digital Learning System

An online digital learning platform developed in partnership with Kenya Literature Bureau, Kenya Private Schools association and the Ministry of Education to learners to cover the Kenyan curriculum online.

EyeVi—mobile mapping based visual intelligence

A full mobile mapping solution where car mounted panoramic camera and LIDAR scanner are used to capture high accuracy geodata. The solution includes data collection, feature extraction and end user application for data management such roads, business, advertisement registry.

Systems analysis and Software Development

A team of accomplished and the most sophisticated Estonia software analysts and engineers providing complex system analysis and documentation and software development with open source language and advanced security features.