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OPIQ is a secure cloud-based Digital Learning Environment developed by Star Cloud LLC.

Star Cloud LLC was founded in 2014 to develop software for the creation, distribution and use of digital learning resources. Star Cloud LLC collaborates with the leading educational publishers and public sector institutions to provide a comprehensive fully digital curriculum service for the schools, teachers and pupils. Opiq;

  • entails content from educational publishers,
  • avails it in logical, curriculum led manner for teachers,
  • gathers usage data for better decision making by teachers, publishers and education officials.

Opiq offers a wholesome approach to digital learning—digitized curriculum, improved access to high-quality education & data-driven decision making.

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Digital Learning & Library

All books published in the Opiq Library become accessible via an opiq license.

Operations in Estonia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Kenya, Uganda and more.


In the Opiq Digital Learning and Library, Teachers can have access to the whole Library and they can;

  • Create courses,
  • assign tasks to pupils,
  • view pupil's completed tasks,
  • send feedback, and return work.
  • Add their own learning content to chapters and create exercises


In the Opiq Digital Learning and Libary, Pupils access;

  • Personalised and relevant courses,
  • Highlighed tasks and chapters
  • Access any content by search and related content


Opiq also has dedicated roles for a parent, school administrator, private user, editor & system admin.


Content Management System

Opiq Content Management System is a secure web-based, publisher's workspace that combines the capabilities of traditional word processing and design software for creating, managing, and modifying content without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

Publishers & Content Creators have;

  • Account and access management
  • Content repositories, branding tools & more
  • HTML5 content that works on any device
  • Rich content and exercise types


Data Dashboard

A data analytics tool for all stakeholders-publishers, schools, educational leadership and policy makers.


  • Overview of the usage of materials
  • Analyse the quality and suitability
  • Distribution of revenue

Educational Leadership & Policy Makers

  • Opportunities for data-based curriculum development


  • Usage data and what are the corresponding study results of the pupils.
  • Analyse performance of pupils and teachers and make better decisions in curriculum planning.