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Our Software Modules

Risk Management Module

Identify, analyze, measure and treat risks.

Performance Management (Strategy M&E) Module

Track, assess, and monitor strategic risks.

Fraud & Corruption Risk Management Module

Manage fraud and corruption risk.

Information Security Risk Management Module

Assess information security risks.

Business Continuity Management

Go paperless on business continuity plans.

Anti-Money Laundering Risk Management Module

Get a risk-based approach for money laundering

Risk-Based Audit (Internal Audit & ISO Audits) Module

Conduct risk-based audits and automated monitoring of audit queries and actions.

Risk-Based Quality Management System Module

Link ISO procedures with risk and continuous improvement of ISO standards.

Registers Module

Automate and control access to your registers.

Reporting & Analytics Module

Scale big data needs with high availability.

Mobile Application

Leverage on the convenience of accessing your systems remotely